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If you are ready to embark on a journey of discovery and transformation, we invite you to join us and explore the decoded texts of the Vedic scriptures with our team of experts. Whether you are looking to deepen your spiritual practice or simply seeking to improve your life, we have a program that is right for you.

Sitting Meditation


Paramashivoham is an immersive 21-day AWAKENING event to learn the science of manifesting the ultimate consciousness in you. The science begins with discovering the Paramashiva in you, and then getting established in this true identity by manifesting powers of Paramashiva.

Temple Rituals

The word ‘pada’ means ‘sacred feet’ in sanskrit; pāda puja means to honor the lotus feet of the Guru with loving devotion and gratitude.

Thulabharam in Hinduism is the traditional way of the sacred act of offering items equal in weight to the Deity or Guru or God.

Maheshwara Puja - An offering to the departed souls

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Family with Tablet

Lifetime Membership Fees

Members from the Hindu diaspora who wish to stay associated and live the Hindu lifestyle and educate their next generation into this lifestyle avail of this service. They enjoy the special privileges of gift cards to our flagship program like Paramashivoham, exclusive sessions with the SPH, dedicated personal spiritual coach, unlimited free access to all the temples associated to Kailas, free training into the lifestyle of temple based living and many others 

Free Sessions

Function at your peak possibility

 Just bring authenticity to your life, in your business, in your relationships, in your health, everywhere you will see the peak. You will see the peak in your business, you will see the peak in your relationships, you will see the peak in your health. Authenticity brings and gives you the state, the space ‘everything is possible, everything is possible’. Only when you start living you will understand how beautiful the space of possibility feels.

Business Meeting
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